How can I move my bot to a different computer?

  1. Open your bot
  2. Click the gear icon next to “Bot Version”
  3. Select “Deactivate this Computer”
  4. Select “Yes”
  5. Install and use the same license key on a new computer
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Where can I view my expiration date on my bot?

Just click on the “+ Bot Version x.x.x” text to view the expiration date, debug information and user information.

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Can you make bots for another company?

Yes! Please contact us if there is a program for another website you would like us to add. We are welcome to any suggestions.

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Why should I purchase your bot over another company’s bot?

You can view our testimonials, we have such a high success rate on all of our bots, and always stay up to date with any changes that these sites make. Other companies sell as many as they want so they can make a large profit, and do not stay up to date with changes.

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How can I get a bot? They seem to be sold out.

We release all our bots randomly on our website now. They are currently sold out because we can only sell a certain amount to allow for our customers to be successful.

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How do I cancel my recurring payment?

You can stop your recurring payment at any time by following these steps:

Paid with PayPal:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Click “Profile”, then “Profile and Settings”
  3. Click the “My Money” tab on the left
  4. Under “My pre-approved payments” click “Update”
  5. Select the item you wish to cancel
  6. Click the “Cancel” link under “Subscription Details”

Paid with Credit Card/Stripe

  1. Login to your Gold Phantom account here:
  2. Scroll down to “Recurring Payments”
  3. Open the Cancellation tab
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”
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What are recurring payments?

Recurring payments are payments that automatically bill you every month, without any submission. This allows you to use your bot without any interruption.

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What do bots “do” exactly?

Bots, or auto carting programs, will add the product you wish to purchase to cart, send to checkout, fill out your billing, shipping, and payment information all for you. This automation process is instant, and cannot be completed by any human.

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How do I purchase a bot?

Simply click on the bot you wish to buy, enter your information into the form, and it will direct you to Paypal.

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Do you provide support for your bots?

Yes, we have one of the best customer services available. We try to respond as soon as we can. All instructions are also included inside our bots, along with videos and other help. Please submit a support ticket if you still need assistance.

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What happens if they update their website?

For most bots, we will send out free updates. Some major updates on programs will require a small fee for our time added on to each bot. We have send out hundreds of updates already and are committed to helping you get your products for retail.

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What’s included in the download?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with the download link to your corresponding bot. It will link you to the Google Chrome Extension on the Google Web Store. Just click the “Free” or “Add to Chrome” button to then download the program.

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