About the company

Since 2013, Gold Phantom has created programs to do specific tasks online, specifically adding limited edition products to cart and checking out for you. Gold Phantom was began as a hobby to assist friends who could not obtain their limited release products online, such as Nike’s Retro Jordans. Since Gold Phantom has started, our programs have helped tens of thousands of people obtain shoes, dresses, and other limited edition products at retail prices.

What we do

Gold Phantom offers the best programs available to help you obtain the latest product releases and more. Our Add to Cart Bots have been and will continue to dominate the market since they are regularly tested and updated. We sell our extremely successful online products at the cheapest prices and back it with our high success rates over all other sites. Don’t be fooled by other sites charging more; they are only here for a profit. So you can’t miss your only opportunity to obtain products at retail.

Payment options

All of our bots may be purchased using Paypal or a credit card through our Stripe processor. Our whole website is protected using SSL, a digital security certificate, so your information is safe.

Contact information

If you need to contact us with any questions, send us an email at GoldPhantomCo@gmail.com or send a support ticket through our support tab.

Return policy

We do not offer refunds on any digital products because once they are downloaded, they cannot be returned.


Please email us at GoldPhantomCo@gmail.com for any inquiries regarding new bots, or if you need a specific automated task to be done.

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